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:: A Global Marshall Plan for a Better World
Dr. Franz Alt is moderator, journalist and author. He published several essays and books concerning the use of renewable energies and worldwide securing peace.Among other decorations he received the human rights prize ”Award 2003.” Read more...
December 2010 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
26.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: 2011 Solar Outlook: Sunny, With Morning Clouds
:: South Africa's plan for 5 GW solar park raises many questions
:: Nuclear banks? No thanks!
:: Solarbuzz Forecasts 16.3 GW PV Market Size in 2010; Projects Demand Growth of 25% in 2011
:: China Going Nuclear
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
19.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Solopower broadens its product line by offering the world's most powerful certified flexible CIGS Module
:: Earth's lakes warming due to climate change
:: Many Coastal Wetlands likely to Disappear this Century
:: Konarka’s Power Plastic Achieves World Record 8.3% Efficiency Certification from National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL)
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
12.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Talk at Cancun is of 2 degrees Celsius – even 1.5 degrees would have effects lasting centuries
:: Loss of species large and small threatens human health
:: Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster
:: German PV Installations to Fall in 2011 but Global Market Will Grow to 19 GW
:: Heliocentris starts industrial field test with the “Nexa 1200” fuel cell system
:: Climate effect of inhaled anaesthetics
:: Renewable Distributed Energy Generation Market to Triple in Size by 2015
:: SANYO’s most powerful gets even stronger – World’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 21.6%
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
05.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Innovation Union: three new European research infrastructures on wind, solar and nuclear energy announced
:: NRG, SunPower Team for 250 Megawatts; More on the Way
:: The Germanwatch Climate Risk Index 2011 shows: developing countries are particularly affected by weather catastrophes
:: KYOCERA Supplies 305 kW of Solar Power to Villages in Mongolia
:: Boeing to Mass-Produce Industry's Most Efficient Terrestrial Solar Cell
:: SunEdison Interconnects Europe's Largest Single Operating PV Solar Power Plant
:: Extreme weather events require precautions and adaptation
:: Powering Europe – new report sets out vision for the future European grid and markets
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
November 2010  
28.Nov.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Cancun: A Normative Framework for a Global Compact on Public Climate Finance
:: Global solar industry joins forces to present an accelerated solution to combat climate change and foster economic growth
:: EU set to revise law on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
:: Chinese Companies Dominate Solar Manufacturing Spending in 2010
:: VA Homeowner Saves $24,000 On Solar Power Installation
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
21.Nov.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: When will the USA get renewable?
:: Photovoltaics needs a reliable regulatory framework to develop full potential
:: Renewable Energy - The Facts
:: Carbon and cities central to a sustainable China
:: Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook (2010-2015)
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
14.Nov.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Five theses for a dynamic transition to the new energy and climate protection era
:: A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality
:: Climate scientists want to better understand societal processes
:: “The EU Needs Renewable Energy, Not Low-carbon Rhetoric”
:: Energy: Commission presents its new strategy towards 2020
:: Climate change: Commission launches major investment programme for innovative low-carbon technologies
:: The Indirect Land Use Change Impact of Biofuels – IEEP Launches Analysis of EU Nations Projected Use of Biofuels and their Consequences
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
07.Nov.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Five theses for a dynamic transition to the new energy and climate protection era
:: Russia looks to the sun with for its first solar power station
:: Guidelines to reconcile wind energy development and biodiversity policy
:: Missile launch pads converted to solar farms
:: Polysilicon enables strong PV growth
:: The global solar photovoltaic outlook from EPIA and Greenpeace
:: The largest private solar power plant in the UK starts operation with Sputnik inverters
:: Future Developments in Wind Energy Technology
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
October 2010  
31.Okt.2010  :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: TEEB Report Puts World’s Natural Assets on the Global Political Radar
:: Munich Re expects renewable energies to generate strong growth in premium volume in the German insurance market over the
:: Big economies of the future - Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Pakistan - most at risk from climate change
:: Infrabel and Enfinity Put Solar Power on High-Speed Rail Tunnel Rooftop
:: First Solar Accelerates Capacity Expansion Ahead of Utility-Scale PV Growth
:: The wind cries transmission
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
24.Okt.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::  
17.Okt.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Hermann Scheer's ideas live on, Dr. Hermann Scheer, global fighter for renewable energy and for a more democratic and decentralised energy supply, is dead.
:: Taste the Waste, A documentary about the worldwide destruction of food. Why do we throw away so much? And how can we stop this kind of waste? 
:: WWF 2010 Living Planet report
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
10.Okt.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Congratulates Liu Xiaobo on Nobel Peace Prize
Awarding the Peace Prize to him is the international community's recognition of the increasing voices among the Chinese people in pushing China towards political, legal and constitutional reforms ...

:: Growing food in greener cities
By 2025, more than half the developing world's population - an estimated 3.5 billion people - will be urban. For policy makers and urban planners in poor countries, greener cities could be the key to ensuring safe, nutritious food, sustainable livelihoods and healthier communities.

:: Scheuten Solar BIPV modules integrated in Mozart Tower in Paris

Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
03.Okt.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Food price volatility a major threat to food security
:: A road through Serengeti National Park
:: New World Bank Report Sees Growing Global Demand for Farmland
:: 370MW Ivanpah solar power tower project approved in California
:: 2010 Right Livelihood Awards honour the power of change from the grassroots
:: Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2010
:: Sun, sea and ecology: the PlanetSolar catamaran
:: India-US space-based solar power programme urged
:: Walmart’s Thin-Film Solar Play Is An Experiment, Not an Endorsement
:: Solar assisted refrigeration semi trailer at the IAA Commercial Vehicles
:: Woodward: "Obama's Wars"
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
September 2010  
26.Sept.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Lights out New York at midnight during fall migration
:: Study Adds New Clue to How Last Ice Age Ended
:: Researchers help make silent electric vehicles safer but UFO reports could rise…
:: Young Reporters Against Poverty
:: 21 September - World Peace Day: A Convenient Truth for Tourism
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
19.Sept.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: New World Bank Report Sees Growing Global Demand for Farmland
:: The forest paradox during heatwaves
:: Larry Hagman: "I'm glad I went solar"
:: Solar Millennium AG: California Energy Commission approves the world´s largest solar power site
:: SolarWorld Einstein Award 2010 presented to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus in festive ceremony
:: Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs
:: Travelling across Canada in an Electric car
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
12.Sept.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Three quarters of new solar systems world-wide were installed in the EU in 2009
:: Time to start changing our ways about Earth
:: Time for Germany’s nuclear reactors to retire
:: 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion outlines the next 10 Years and beyond
:: Oerlikon Solar Breaking Two World Records
:: SCHOTT Solar Presents Champion Multicrystalline Module
:: Global Solar Enery rolls out the most powerful Flexible Module to Roofing Industry
:: centrotherm photovoltaics presents top solar cell
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
05.Sept.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: ECS researchers develop clothing that packs a powerful punch
:: SolarWorld Einstein Award 2010 to go to Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus
:: Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Germany 2009
:: China's green accidents on the rise
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
August 2010  
29.August.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Where on earth is biodiversity?
:: More green energy for the globe
:: Solar plans lit up by $5bn fund
:: Reis Robotics introduces innovative quality control
:: Innotech Solar: New off-grid module at an especially attractive price-performance ratio
:: IMS Research Launches Quarterly Global PV Demand Database
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
22.August.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Washington State future home to one of the world's largest photovoltaic solar projects
:: Earth's Overdraft Notice: On August 21st, we exceed nature's budget
:: China Green Policies Spur Local Wind Energy and Photovoltaic Markets
:: Solar Market Set to Continue Expansion in 2011
:: The Arctic: where tourism meets conservation
:: Hot Photovoltaic Market Offers Growth but Could Also Undo Inept Companies
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
15.August.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Current press releases from the energy industry
:: Strong Growth of Renewable Energy in UK
:: “Green” energy boom destroys tribes – new report
:: Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes
:: Historical and future anthropogenic emission pathways derived from coupled climate–carbon cycle simulations
:: New Trends in U.S. Energy Policy: Focus on offshore wind energy
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
08.August.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: CPV today interview Dr. Frank Siebke from Good Energies on CPV´s potential
:: Dirty water and poor sanitation kills over 5000 children every day
:: Land plants process 15 percent of total atmospheric carbon dioxide each year
:: Financing Solar Power in the Developing World
:: World's Largest Wind Project is Underway
:: Biofuels: EurObserv’ER releases new Barometer
:: Power for the World: The Emergence of Electricity from the Sun
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
01.August.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: High Thermal Conductivity of BioBacksheet Allows Solar Panels to Operate at a Lower Temperature and Increases Power Output
:: Centrosolar presents new 54-cell panel with up to 225 Wp output at the EUPVSEC
:: Resource Fever
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
  July 2010  
11.July.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Factor Five
:: International study & report document pesticide health harms
:: SunPower Announces New World Record Solar Cell Efficiency
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
04.July.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: New Maplecroft index rates Pakistan and Egypt among nations facing “extreme” water security risks
:: Telepresence can reduce corporate CO2 emissions by 5.5 million metric tons and deliver $19 billion in financial benefits to
:: EU bathing water quality remains high
:: Nine of the World's Most Promising Carbon-Neutral Communities
:: The Food Wars
:: Conscious choice of food can substantially mitigate climate change
:: Regional Photovoltaic Markets Display High Growth in 2010
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
June 2010  
27.June.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Atlantic surface circulation qualifies as ‘tipped’ element
:: Roofs could technically generate up to 40% of EU’s electricity demand by 2020
:: Global Risks 2010 - Long shadow of the financial crisis
:: Converteam at Intersolar Europe 2010: New outdoor solar inverter for reduced system costs
:: Climate change threatens food supply of 60 million people in Asia
:: Biological diversity: new handbook for companies
:: Subpolar Link to the Emergence of the Modern Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue
:: EU to overhaul GM crop approval system
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
20.June.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS :: :: Survey Identifies Varied Green Beliefs and Behaviors Among Global Consumers
:: Fierce competition and declining prices pose threat to German photovoltaic companies
:: Politics is a key factor in biodiversity
:: SunSil’s breakthrough Solar PV Module will bring Solar Electricity to the Mass Market
:: Quo Vadis Solar Industry?
:: Record Growth in Photovoltaic Capacity
:: JA Solar and ECN Join Efforts to Introduce High Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
13.June.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Intersolar Europe honors the most innovative solar companies of 2010
:: Energy and Agriculture Top Resource Panel's Priority List for Sustainable 21st Century
:: Ocean currents likely to carry oil along Atlantic coast
:: Bisphenol A – a chemical with adverse effects produced in large quantities
:: Masdar partners with Total, Abengoa Solar to build World’s largest concentrated solar power plant
:: Thermoelectric wellies that charge your mobile phone using heat from your feet
:: Half cell and third cell modules reduce solar power costs
:: EU's Central Asia policy 'confused', says expert
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
May 2010  
30.May.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Climate change concern remains high across the globe, says Synovate and Deutsche Welle global study
:: BSW-Solar: Demand for solar energy still booming in 2010
:: Solar thermal industry analysis: where is the German market headed?
:: The PV industry and market in 2013
:: Spire Produces World's Most Efficient Large Area Concentrator Solar Cell
:: SunPower Announces Industry's First Modular Solution for Deploying Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
23.May.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: NOAA: Warmest April Global Temperature on Record
:: Oil-rich Middle East goes green: Largest solar park in Saudi Arabia completed
:: US could become leader in desert solar, says IEA
:: "Wind Energy Market 2010/2011"
:: Sundrive Systems AG: World’s largest solar power tracking system
:: Environment: Water scarcity and droughts – a major concern for many areas in Europe
:: IEA sees great potential for solar, providing up to a quarter of world electricity by 2050
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
16.May.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Sustainable Dance Floor
:: World Future Council organizes Power Kick for Africa in Ghana
:: Interior Department Approves Cape Wind, the First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm
:: No more fish on the table. More fishermen are suffering all over the world due to environmental pollution and loss of income
:: New Vision Required to Stave Off Dramatic Biodiversity Loss, Says UN Report
:: A bright future shines on the solar photovoltaic electricity market
:: New Country Ranking on Wide Environmental Impacts
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
09.May.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Researchers find future temperatures could exceed livable limits
:: New survey reveals wide differences in how European citizens view quality of life in their cities
:: Exelon City Solar Project Far South, Chicago
:: Another drop in nuclear generation
:: SunPower Announces New, Maximum Efficiency Solar Panel Product Line
:: SusCon 2010 evolves into main event for biodiversity
:: Large goods vehicles to double performance in next 20 years Shell presents first Goods Vehicle Study for Germany
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
02.May.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: European Solar Days: The sun shines all over Europe
:: Shoe power generator earns Louisiana Tech professor national attention
:: Secretary Chu Announces more than $200 Million for Solar and Water Power Technologies
:: The China Strategy - China for the World
:: Nuclear Power: The Critical Question
:: Wind energy reduces electricity prices, says independent study
:: Wind: 50% of EU electricity in 2050
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
April 2010  
25.April.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Copenhagen Accord misses 2° C climate target
:: Avant-garde meets energy
:: US Solar Industry Trade Association Reports Strong Growth in 2009 Despite Recession
:: Cambrios Technologies Corporation Awarded Department of Defense Contract for Flexible Solar Cells
:: RE-thinking 2050: Making the EU 100% renewables-based
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
18.April.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: China overtakes Germany as second leading wind power nation
:: Predictions Confirmed – Global PV Market Exceeded 7 GW in 2009
:: The Transition Handbook
:: Canadian Solar Releases NewEdge Roof-Mounting Solar Panels in USA
:: The Impossible Hamster
:: New eBook Shows How Solar Manufacturers Can Shorten the Path to Grid Parity
:: Roadmap 2050: A practical guide to a prosperous, low-carbon Europe
:: Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
11.April.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Europeans not well informed about biodiversity loss. European Commission launches campaign to raise awareness
:: Six finalists vie for title of European Green Capital 2012 &2013
:: American Public Health Champion Receives 2010 Stockholm Water Prize
:: Oil reserves 'exaggerated by one third'
:: Iosil Energy Corporation Secures First Close on $13.5M in Equity Financing to Build Pilot Manufacturing Plant
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
04.April.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Come sun, rain, or high wind: Europe could create a 100% renewable electricity supply by 2050
:: World deforestation decreases, but remains alarming in many countries
:: Revolutionary Invention Allows Planting Without Irrigation
:: The iPad, internet, climate change link in the spotlight
:: A bright future shines on the solar photovoltaic electricity market
:: Global Photonic Energy Corporation, Through its Research Partner at the University of Michigan, Secures Funding and
:: GE Sees Bright Future for Thin Film Solar Technology
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
March 2010  
28.March.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: 100% Renewable Energy for Cities is possible
:: Chevron Tests Emerging Solar Technologies in Central California
:: Suniva® Solar Cells Power Solar Project in India
:: This week’s unprecedented Hong Kong air pollution: explanation & consequences
:: SOLON SE establishes partnership with Czech planning company Energ Servis
:: Only 50 days to the Expo 2010: First green world exhibition builds on Siemens technology
:: New PowerFilm magnetic solar module targets first responders through SoundOff Signal
:: China Sunergy Announces Acquisition of Two Solar Module Manufacturers
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
21.March.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Environment: Dragonflies, beetles and butterflies on Red alert
:: Solar rubbish for rural people
:: Illiterate rural women becoming solar engineers
:: Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Grew to 6.43 Gigawatt in 2009
:: Wetting Singapore's thirst for rice
:: New SIPRI data on international arms transfers reflect arms race concerns
:: Campaigning for energy autonomy
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
14.March.2010   Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
07.March.2010   Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
February 2010  
14.Feb.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: New book rises to the global sustainability challenge
:: AREVA to Acquire the U.S. Solar Company Ausra
:: China adopts amendment to renewable energy law
:: juwi-developed wind farm in US moves into construction
:: Global Wind Installations Boom, Up 31% in 2009
:: A World without Bees
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
07.Feb.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: 2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade
:: Putting a stop to the Arctic Meltdown
:: Iceland Ranks at Top of 2010 Environmental Performance Index
:: Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment Market - Automation Opportunities Galore
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
January 2010 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
31.Jan.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: The New Solar Challenge: Quality and Price
:: Peace Business: Humans and Nature Above Markets and Capital
:: Ted Turner Gets Back Into Solar
:: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Announces $10 million in Stimulus Funding for Solar Energy Installations
:: European offshore wind power market grew 54% in 2009
:: More than 200 international experts pave the way for photovoltaic module recycling
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
24.Jan.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: SERIES 4: Wind Energy International 2009/2010 - CHINA
:: Current Status and Future Prospects of Geothermal Energy Use in Japan
:: First Solar Sign Contract for 22 Megawatts of Utility Scale Solar Power for New Mexico
:: System to ‘Spray’ Solar Cells onto See-Thru Windows to Generate Electricity
:: Massive grid planned in the North Sea is moving wind power deployment in wrong direction
:: SunPower contributes to world’s first solar-diesel hybrid using flywheel technology
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
17.Jan.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: MCT Secures Funds for Tidal Energy Farm
:: Curitiba, one of the greenest cities in the world, celebrates the international year of biodiversity
:: Photon Energy Completes 2.66-MW of PV Systems in Czech Republic
:: Solar Thermal Systems: Successful Planning and Construction
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage

:: Few major natural catastrophe losses in 2009 General trend confirmed by large number of weather extremes
:: Changing the energy landscape in developing countries
:: Malaysia Proposes Comprehensive FITs for 2011

Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage

:: Connecting Delta Cities
:: Burj Dubai showcases 'vertical travel' with world's highest elevators
:: Sustainability Quick Check for Biofuels: Web-based questionnaire helps small producers in developing countries
:: First Solar and NRG Energy Open Largest Solar PV Power Plant in California
:: Current Status and Future Prospects of Geothermal Energy Use in Japan

Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
December 2009  


  • Study: Next Decade One of Progress for Global Offshore Wind Industry
  • Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip
  • EU Joint Research Center shows GHG emission sources and amounts: new visualisation tool
  • Ontarians get the green light for 700 rooftop solar projects
  • Climate change: New study dispels myth of EU's claimed climate policy leadership
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage


  • Solar Energy Could Meet 15% of US Electricity by 2020
  • First Solar Becomes First PV Company to Produce 1GW in a Single Year
  • Innovation puts next-generation solar cells on the horizon
  • Solar Energy: Key Solution to CO2 Challenges in the Developing World
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage


  • Tipping Elements in the Earth System: How Stable is the Contemporary Environment?
  • Sea Level Rise could reach 1.9 Metres this century
  • Industry Leaders Show Solar Energy Can Ramp up Quickly to Help Meet Global CO2 Challenges
  • Running dry?
  • Ferrostaal inaugurates the first Palestinian solar thermal plant
  • Barack Obama: "I cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people"
  • Philips extends play with the world's first solar-powered LED football floodlighting solution
  • Global Climate Risk Index 2010 - reflecting most severely affected countries over almost two decades
  • Solar for All” contest for innovative PV off-grid power supply system solutions with integrated market approach
  • Just 51% of Americans Believe in Global Warming, Down from 71% in 2007
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage


  • Climate Scientists make 'Copenhagen Diagnosis'
  • Peat fires drive temperatures up
  • As an indivial you can effect a lot ...
  • Smaller glaciers more vulnerable, WWF-India report says
  • Does Solar Power on My Roof Make Sense?
  • Ambitious climate protection targets are needed -
  • New Energy Finance: Solar power 50% cheaper by year end, other clean energy sources drop 10%
  • Climate change the second most serious problem faced by the world today
  • ABO Wind finances another large wind farm in Ireland
  • The world’s first osmotic power prototype opens now
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage

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