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  :: A Global Marshall Plan for a Better World
Dr. Franz Alt is moderator, journalist and author. He published several essays and books concerning the use of renewable energies and worldwide securing peace. Among other decorations he received the human rights prize ”Award 2003.” Read more...
December 2011  
25.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Twenty new Windfarms in UK
:: Plastic Soup is everywhere...
:: 21% efficiency rate achieved on 156 mm wafer using Roth & Rau`s new high-efficiency technology
:: Energy Globe World Award 2011 for borehole system
:: Rare-earth shortage to hamper clean energy: EU study
:: 2011 German Future Prize awarded to three Dresden scientists
18.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Database on the risks of genetically engineered crop plants
:: New cell combines latest research successes
:: ITS modules excellently suited to coastal and agricultural use
:: Concentrator technology nominated for German Future Prize
11.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Tackling hunger and climate change: from farm to fork
:: Heliatek achieves new world record for organic solar cells with certified 9.8 % cell efficiency
:: MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company to Acquire 550-Megawatt (AC) Topaz Solar Farm from First Solar
:: The world is turning its back on nuclear power
:: Intersolar India continues on the path of success and doubles Exhibition Space for 2011
:: 2011 Right Livelihood Awards to be presented
:: Modest Rise in Number Saying There Is 'Solid Evidence' of Global Warming
:: German Climate Finance
04.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Hollywood legend Michael Douglas speaks out in support of the Treaty that bans all nuclear explosions, forever
:: Renewable energy country attractiveness indices
:: Storing Solar Energy Pays Thanks to the SOLON SOLiberty Energy Storage System
:: Durban dynamics: navigating for progress on climate change
:: Pakistan and Guatemala mostly hit by weather extremes in 2010
:: Action now could double forests saved
November 2011  
27.Nov.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Industrial air pollution cost Europe up to €169 billion in 2009, EEA reveals
:: Growing world trade makes food production cheaper – at the expense of the environment
:: Rare Footage of Tibetan Nun's Self-Immolation Smuggled out of Tibet
:: WMO Bulletin highlights growth in nitrous oxide in atmosphere
:: Eliminating subsidies harmful to the climate: “We have a vast number of possibilities"
:: Elastic Rotor Blades Boost Power Output
20.Nov.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: YikeBike LTD. Launches new aluminium version of world’s smallest and lightest ‘Foldable’ Electric Bike
:: European Solar PV Market Sees Modest Pick Up in Year-End Demand; Industry Braces for Bleak 2012
:: Human Footprint
:: The IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
:: Looking back to Ten Years of successful promotion of wind power worldwide
:: New Silent ‘Eco Whisper’ Wind Turbine is More Efficient Than Three Blade Models
13.Nov.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Where does tomorrow’s energy come from? Researchers explore new pathways
:: The world is locking itself into an unsustainable energy future which would have far-reaching consequences, IEA warns in its latest World Energy Outlook
:: New UNEP Report Tracks the Changing Global Environment over the Past Two Decades
:: The 2011 Top Ten Worst Pollution Problems Worldwide
:: Under Pressure
:: PV Capacity Expansion to Slow to 10% in 2012; 2011 Expansion Tops 50%
:: Sandbag launches Klimagoldesel report on German Carbon Fatcats
:: Power Perspectives 2030 – On the road to a decarbonised power sector
06.Nov.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Thermal imaging guidebook for building and renewable energy applications
:: European Bank Lending Squeeze Begins to Curb Solar Panel Demand
:: Fronius supports stable grid operation
:: WWEC2011 Conference Resolution: Greening Energy: Converting Deserts into Powerhouses
:: WWEC2011: 100 % renewable energy is possible worldwide with today's technologies
:: WWEC 2011 opened
October 2011  
30.Oct.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: "The future of energy - a moral dilemma - The market is ecologically blind"
:: Wind Energy International 2011/2012 - Germany
:: The Man Who Stopped the Desert
:: More heat waves: increase of extremes due to climate change
:: Deniers exposed - Confirmed again: climate change is real
23.Oct.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Connecting Europe Facility: Commission adopts plan for €50 billion boost to European networks
:: How did the first Arctic ozone hole form in spring 2011?
:: Shrinking from the challenge
:: Potential photovoltaic energy production on roof structures
:: Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years
:: PV CYCLE collects the first 1,000 tons of end-of-life PV modules for recycling in Europe
:: 2011 Global Hunger Index
:: Treasure Islands
16.Oct.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Wind Energy International 2011/2012: World Wind Energy Report 2010
:: World hunger report 2011: High, volatile prices set to continue
:: World Bank approves $172 million for installing 630,000 solar home systems in rural Bangladesh
:: Climate change: A risk for plants and animals worldwide
:: PV Module Revenues to Decline in 2011 and 2012
:: Röttgen inaugurates Innovation and Technology Centre for renewable energies in Bonn
:: The Nobel Peace Prize for 2011

:: Mapping the future: new pathways for greenhouse gas concentrations
:: China’s growing CO2 emissions due to investments in construction, not just
:: OECD and IEA recommend reforming fossil-fuel subsidies to improve the
economy and the environment
:: Solar-Panel Makers Said to Plan China Trade Complaint
:: Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought

02.Oct.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: INTERVIEW :: Dalai Lama: Only the truth sets free!
:: China says "no" to the commercialization of GE rice?
:: Commission promotes scheme to identify the costs of land degradation worldwide
:: German Temelin-Opponents visit Temelin
:: High-Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Modules Rise to $8.6 Billion in 2015
September 2011  
25.Sept.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: The World in 2050
:: Installed Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Declined Significantly in 2010 and 2011
:: Technology funding makes climate protection cheaper
:: CounterSpill.org
18.Sept.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Greenpeace: 40 years of Inspiring Action
:: Permanent nuclear shutdown in Japan possible by 2012
:: Printed solar cells on paper
:: Greenpeace response to Arctic sea ice minimum announcement
:: CDP Global 500 Report 2011
:: An upside-down cake throws a new light on photovoltaics
:: Call to restore 150 million hectares of forest
9/11 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: SOLON solar modules achieve excellent results in PID test – industry initiative for developing standard test kicked off
:: New Roland Berger Study on increasing efficiency in energy-intensive industries
:: Chinese PV Module Suppliers on Top in Q2 as Consolidation Continues
:: photovoltaicboard.com
:: Horn of Africa: Funding for agricultural recovery lagging, FAO warns
:: Leaders define pathway to restoring 150 million hectares of lost forests
4.Sept.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Study on the Little Ice Age: Low solar activity just marginally cools the climate
:: centrotherm photovoltaics succeeds ISE-certified solar cell with sensational 20 percent efficiency
:: World market for wind energy gains momentum after a weak year in 2010
:: Solar May Produce Most of World’s Power by 2060, IEA Says
:: Penalizing free-riders: game theory could help climate negotiators
August 2011  
28.Aug.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Climate cycles drive civil war
:: Consumptionomics: Asia's Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet
:: US PV Installations Forecast to Rise 166% in 2011
:: Polysilicon Price Climbs as Goldman Predicts Solar Rebound
:: Global trade and consumption of wood pellets continues to rise
:: Wildlife responds increasingly rapidly to climate change
21.Aug.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Energy from biomass pays even with forest protection in the long term
:: Hybrid Solar System Makes Rooftop Hydrogen
:: New Government Incentive Delivers Massive Upside to China Solar Market
14.Aug.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: California to Continue to Lead Nation in Solar Power Installations
:: Short film "Food speculation"
:: UN reports progress towards poverty alleviation, urges increased support for the poorest
:: Contaminated seafood and government cover-up at Fukushima
:: 19.4% record efficiency for screen printed Cz-silicon solar cells
07.Aug.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Renewables 100 Team Participates in Governor’s Renewable Energy Conference
:: UNEP Ogoniland Oil Assessment Reveals Extent of Environmental Contamination and Threats to Human Health
:: Making light of efficient photovoltaics: Evonik displays solar expertise at PVSEC
:: Increasing electricity generation from renewables changes requirements for electricity and gas infrastructure in Europe
:: Japan’s Largest Solar Panel Factory Reaches Full Commercial Operations, Announces Solar Frontier
:: Crop breeding could ‘slash CO2 levels’
:: New book celebrates the natural history of polar bears
:: First Solar Sets World Record for CdTe Solar PV Efficiency
:: New publication supports strategic decision making in the thin film market
  July 2011  
31.July.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Caching the Carbon
:: Nuclear power is in last place in the race against climate change
:: Number of countries using wind energy is growing rapidly
:: Revolatilization of persistent organic pollutants in the Arctic induced by climate change
:: New 5 MWp free field plant: abakus Sets a New Benchmark in Great Britain
:: Melting ice linked to polar bear cub mortality as moms swim farther
:: Climate Action: Reducing CO2 emissions from cars through eco-innovation
:: Renewables 2011 Global Status Report
:: Japan’s Prime Minister looks to a nuclear-free future
24.July.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Donors and governments fail to deliver on East Africa aid effort
:: Warning of climate change’s threat to global security, Ban urges concerted action
17.July.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Solar facilities for the Philippines
:: Solar Markets in the U.S: big, booming, and oh so bright
:: Wind Energy is locomotive of the changing energy supply system worldwide
:: While you’re up, print me a solar cell
10.July.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: EEG amendment agreed: German Bundestag concludes on the phasing out of nuclear energy by 2022
:: Wind Energy International 2011/2012 yearbook now available
:: Deep-sea mud in the Pacific Ocean as a potential resource for rare-earth elements
:: Will the last ones be the first?
03.July.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Researchers refine assessment of tipping elements of the climate system
:: ULVAC Has Launched the "Hybrid Cycle Pit".
:: New campaign to stamp out food from cloned animals
:: Germany: No further cuts in support for solar power
:: Energy goal for 2050: 100% renewable electricity supply
June 2011  
26.June.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Researchers refine assessment of tipping elements of the climate system
:: UNHCR report finds 80 per cent of world's refugees in developing countries
:: Report finds that Global Renewable Energy Growth is Outstripping Coal and Nuclear
:: SunPower Sets New World Record for Efficiency
:: DOE Offers Support for Innovative Manufacturing Plant That Will Produce High Quality Solar Silicon at Low Cost
:: Solarmillennium: We are Developing the Future
:: Efficiency record for flexible CdTe solar cell due to novel polyimide film
19.June.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Stanford climate scientists forecast permanently hotter summers beginning in 20 years
:: Action to Curb 'Soot' and 'Smog' Pollution Could Help Limit Global Temperature Rise
:: Planet´s soils are under threat warns University academic
:: Sweden’s first solar energy power plant for electricity and heat
:: Big birds lose out in a crowded world
:: Japan’s Richest Man Challenges Nuclear Future With Nationwide Solar Plans
:: 42 million displaced by sudden natural disasters in 2010
:: Esmolo solves problem of firefighters with burning PV installations
12.June.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Exit from nuclear power is affordable – but entering a new energy system is challenging
:: Nuclear Expensive and Uninsurable Say Studies
:: UN officials call for political will to put world on path to green economy
:: “Store” sun
:: Germany Scraps Solar Energy Subsidy Cut as Merkel Exits Nuclear
:: Carbon Nanotubes for Water Desalination Applications
06.June.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Public-private partnerships can help bring affordable clean energy to poor – UN
:: New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources
:: Raising metal recycling rates key part of path to Green Economy: UNEP
:: Good progress on the road to 100 percent renewable electricity – despite obstacles
:: The Atlas of Coasts and Oceans: Ecosystems, Threatened Resources, Marine Conservation
:: Prospect of limiting the global increase in temperature to 2ºC is getting bleaker
:: Wind power ready to fill Japan energy gap
:: 'Decoupling' Rate of Resource Consumption from Economic Growth Rate - Europe Presents Mixed Picture
May 2011  
29.May.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: New Greenpeace Report shines spotlight on the Hidden Costs of Toxic Water Pollution
:: Greenpeace Fukushima radiation research reveals serious marine contamination
:: TEPCO’s deceit – The lessons from Fukushima
:: Record efficiency of 18.7% for flexible CIGS solar cells on plastics
:: Assessing the environmental risks of sub-seabed CO2 storage
:: World´s Least Developed Countries set to jump start transition to a green economy
22.May.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Towards a More Efficient Use of Solar Energy
:: GM food meets no quality, diversity criteria
:: Nobel Laureates hand over recommendations to UN High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability
:: Review highlights major role for renewables in meeting UK climate targets
15.May.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Report 2011: Amnesty International at 50 says historic change on knife-edge
:: Japan's Power Shortages and Countermeasures
:: Let's make sure HSBC and BNP Paribas get the message - no more Fukushimas
:: UNEP Report: Humanity Can and Must Do More with Less
:: China doubles solar power target by 2020: report
:: UNICEF Launches USD 1.4 Billion Appeal in Response to Most Extreme Crise
:: Potential of Renewable Energy Outlined in Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
08.May.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Climate change measures must be made corruption proof
:: Geothermal energy – the baseload renewable energy of the future?!
:: Biodiversity: Commission announces new strategy to halt biodiversity loss within ten years
:: Conergy and Annex Power build another solar park in Thailand with Conergy components
:: Input to the EU Commission´s Consultation on Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Plants.
:: Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected at Tsuruga plant
01.May.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Emissions from consumption may offset reported carbon emission reductions in industrialized countries
:: Scientist warns US and EU administrations of glyphosate-caused crisis in agriculture
:: A New Way of Looking at Our World
:: New world record for mass produced conventional silicon solar cell - 19.2 percent efficiency
:: Europe’s largest 300 companies ranked by carbon emissions for first time
:: Share of renewables in the EU27 energy supply almost doubled between 1999 and 2009
April 2011  
24.April.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: PV Modules 2010 Top Ten Rankings Released by IMS Research
:: Global degradation of soil and water – worse than the Fukushima catastrophe?
:: SunPower and NRG’s 250 MW Solar Project Closer to Reality
17.April.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Scientist warns US and EU administrations of glyphosate-caused crisis in agriculture
:: EU Sustainable Energy Week
:: Intersolar Europe sheds light on the future of photovoltaics in German electricity supply
10.April 2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Direct steam generation and storage – better performance and flexibility for solar thermal power plants
:: Record stratospheric ozone loss in the arctic in spring of 2011
:: World Wind Energy Report 2010
:: Building Integrated Photovoltaics
:: Potentially catastrophic climate impacts on food production over the long-term
:: A "Revolution of Greens" Needed to Curb Food Price Crisis
:: New evidence from WHO on health effects of traffic-related noise in Europe
03.April.2011 I support clean Energy  
03.April.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Road traffic has more to contribute to climate protection
:: Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2010: a year of devastating and costly events
:: Worldwide annual solar cell production more than doubles in 2010
:: Children Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet has reconstituted itself as a democratic association and elected its first Global Board
:: Vision of an interconnected Europe
:: Sun and wind instead of Nuclear and oil
:: Joint Statement on the Japanese Nuclear Disaster
:: Arctic on the verge of record ozone loss - Arctic-wide measurements verify rapid depletion in recent days
March 2011  
27.Mar.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production in 10 Years, says new UN report
:: Large-scale assessment of the Arctic Ocean: significant increase in freshwater content since 1990s
:: Geothermal energy in Italy and western Turkey on its own would replace all the installed nuclear power plants in the EU
:: Wind Power secures Electricity Generation in Japan after earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident
:: New Solar Installation on the Roof of the World
:: Nevada officials, Sempra Generation dedicate largest U.S. photovoltaic solar plant
:: Nuclear energy isn't needed
20.Mar.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: World Water Day 2011 – 22 March
:: Melting ice sheets becoming largest contributor to sea level rise
:: World Council for Renewable Energy insists on a global ban on new nuclear power
:: First international marketplace for PV projects goes online
13.Mar.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse
:: Greenpeace Response to Radioactivity Release from Fukushima Reactor
:: Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production in 10 Years, says new UN report
:: Intersolar Europe 2011 on course for continued success
:: Solidarity with Yunus - Government plans discharging of Muhammad Yunus from the Grameen Bank | OPEN LETTER
:: Review of Low-Carbon Development in China 2010
:: Minesto Tidal Energy
:: Clouds Amplify Ecological Light Pollution
06.Mar.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Ancient Catastrophic Drought Leads to Question: How Severe Can Climate Change Become?
:: Consumers shall have no choice
:: Q-Cells SE develops world-record-breaking polycrystalline solar module
:: Climate change mitigation cost: researchers improve assessment
:: Inspector General’s Review of Stolen Emails Confirms No Evidence of Wrong-Doing by NOAA Climate Scientists
:: Large climate risks for African farmers: IPCC was on the right track
:: Waterborne diseases likely to erupt in the mediterranean
February 2011  
27.Feb.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: EU climate target: Less CO2-emissions could trigger more economic growth
:: Permit granted for Finland’s first offshore wind project
:: Obama Unveils US’ First Offshore Wind Energy Strategy
:: Energy from small wind turbines is becoming a global economic factor
:: Asian Electronics Giants Aim for Big Slice of PV Pie
:: 2MW wind turbine integrated with first of its kind floating platform technology
20.Feb.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Egypt and Tunisia: The first climate revolutions
:: A Global Open Space geared towards action
:: State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet
:: Thawing permafrost likely will accelerate global warming in coming decades, says study
:: Victory in the Southern Ocean Day for the Whales
:: Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies on Earth, says CU-Boulder prof
:: AQT Ships Its First CIGS PV Panels
:: World food prices reach new historic peak
:: Millennium consumption goals (MCG) how the rich can make the planet more sustainable
13.Feb.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Annual Report 2010: Human Rights Situation in Tibet
:: Banking sector will be pivotal to financing Europe’s €2.9 trillion low carbon transition, finds Barclays report
:: Sarnia Solar PV Farm
:: The Amazon’s ability to withstand climate change weakened by severe drought
:: Sec. Chu Announces More 'SunShot' Details
:: Rare earths – A turning point for efficiency and recycling
:: New GTM Research Report Finds Global CSP Market Under Siege by PV
:: Solar PV Becoming Cheaper than Gas in California?
:: Photovoltaic Module Test
:: T-Shirt Replaces Battery: Fiber-Based Supercapacitors
06.Feb.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Brave new world fuelled by clean economical energy possible and imperative by 2050
:: BP/Rosneft drilling Plans threaten Arctic parks
:: Living with the oceans
:: The meeco Group enters the growing Indian solar market
:: Yingli Green Energy Becomes an Official Premium Partner of FC Bayern Munchen
:: Energy report launch: Battle of the Grids
:: Hundreds of companies and local businesses back a green energy future for Europe
January 2011 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
30.Jan.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Warming North Atlantic Water Tied to Heating Arctic
:: Vision becomes reality
:: Greening the Supply Chain: Businesses Unlock Hidden Value
:: Expert group report: Alternative fuels could replace fossil fuels in Europe by 2050
:: Reduced climate cooling from snow and ice
:: Regionally differentiated contribution of mountain glaciers and ice caps to future sea-level rise
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
23.Jan.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Earth’s hot past could be prologue to future climate
:: NRG to Acquire 290-Megawatt Agua Caliente Solar Project from First Solar
:: Cool Film Shows Solar Working for America
:: "Island pioneers future without fossil fuels"
:: PV julist and juwi Construct the World’s Third Largest Roof Top Solar Power Plant
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
16.Jan.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Extension of energy production from biomass requires careful consideration
:: Underground pumped storage plants: Green power from the mines
:: Seoul Starts Operations of Electric Buses - First in the World
:: Phoenix Solar AG builds one of the world's largest photovoltaic power plants on a carport in Italy
:: Hillary Clinton shows strong support for IRENA
:: CNPV Announces Inauguration of First Largest Utility Scale 7MW Solar Power Project in Shandong Province
:: Ongoing climate change following a complete cessation of carbon dioxide emissions
:: First Solar and China Guangdong Nuclear to Develop Ordos Solar Project
:: Goverment launches electric car grants
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
09.Jan.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Bee health: a Commission paper outlines need for more action in the EU
:: Scientists generate two electrons from a single photon
:: WikiLeaks cables: Dalai Lama called for focus on climate, not politics, in Tibet
:: EU will exceed renewable energy goal of 20 percent by 2020
:: Large-scale study reveals major decline in bumble bees in the U.S.
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
02.Jan.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Journalists in 2010 targets and bargaining chips
:: Reporters Without Borders to host WikiLeaks mirror site
:: 2011: The International Year of Forests
:: 2011 Solar Outlook
:: China's Growing Confidence in Its Emerging Renewable Energy Leadership
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
December 2010 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
26.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: 2011 Solar Outlook: Sunny, With Morning Clouds
:: South Africa's plan for 5 GW solar park raises many questions
:: Nuclear banks? No thanks!
:: Solarbuzz Forecasts 16.3 GW PV Market Size in 2010; Projects Demand Growth of 25% in 2011
:: China Going Nuclear
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
19.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Solopower broadens its product line by offering the world's most powerful certified flexible CIGS Module
:: Earth's lakes warming due to climate change
:: Many Coastal Wetlands likely to Disappear this Century
:: Konarka’s Power Plastic Achieves World Record 8.3% Efficiency Certification from National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL)
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
12.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Talk at Cancun is of 2 degrees Celsius – even 1.5 degrees would have effects lasting centuries
:: Loss of species large and small threatens human health
:: Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster
:: German PV Installations to Fall in 2011 but Global Market Will Grow to 19 GW
:: Heliocentris starts industrial field test with the “Nexa 1200” fuel cell system
:: Climate effect of inhaled anaesthetics
:: Renewable Distributed Energy Generation Market to Triple in Size by 2015
:: SANYO’s most powerful gets even stronger – World’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 21.6%
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
05.12.2010 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Innovation Union: three new European research infrastructures on wind, solar and nuclear energy announced
:: NRG, SunPower Team for 250 Megawatts; More on the Way
:: The Germanwatch Climate Risk Index 2011 shows: developing countries are particularly affected by weather catastrophes
:: KYOCERA Supplies 305 kW of Solar Power to Villages in Mongolia
:: Boeing to Mass-Produce Industry's Most Efficient Terrestrial Solar Cell
:: SunEdison Interconnects Europe's Largest Single Operating PV Solar Power Plant
:: Extreme weather events require precautions and adaptation
:: Powering Europe – new report sets out vision for the future European grid and markets
Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage

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