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  :: A Global Marshall Plan for a Better World
Dr. Franz Alt is moderator, journalist and author. He published several essays and books concerning the use of renewable energies and worldwide securing peace. Among other decorations he received the human rights prize ”Award 2003.” Read more...
November 2012  
4.Nov.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Water in the city
:: Amonix reaches world record 33.5% CPV module efficiency
:: Agriculture and Food Production Contribute Up to 29 Percent of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions According to Comprehensive Research Papers
:: Sunways solar cells: higher peak performance in serial production
:: Taj Mahal to get continuous power supply from solar plant
:: EU greenhouse gases in 2011
  July 2012  
June 2012  
24.June.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Geological record shows air up there came from below
:: WWEC 2012 programme published
:: Fossil fools from G20 to Rio+20
:: A bold and ambitious vision for Rio+20
:: WINGA E-Generator as the Power to Avert the Looming Climate Change Crisis

:: IFC Helps Eastern Bank Offer Energy-Efficiency Financing in Bangladesh
:: SOLON Presents Energy Storage and Innovative Solutions for Industrial Roofs
:: European Solar Thermal Market remains static in 2011
:: First Solar to Provide 159 MW in Solar Power Projects for AGL Energy Under Australia's Solar Flagships Program
:: A Tank made of Bread

May 2012  
April 2012  
08.April.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Greenland ice sheet may melt completely with 1.6 degrees global warming
:: Global Study Reveals Who’s Financing Nuclear Arms Makers
:: WWEC2012: Top experts from around the world will highlight community power
:: Clean & Green: Best Practices in Photovoltaics
01.April.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: WMO annual statement confirms 2011 as 11th warmest on record
:: Do We Need Speed Limits on Freeways?
:: Step into a new reality…www.Go100Percent.org
:: China: Beijing Mandates Solar Hot Water Systems
:: The Third Industrial Revolution
:: Mediterranean temperature overestimated
:: Weather records due to climate change: a game with loaded dice
:: Bromine Explosions Threaten Arctic Habitat
March 2012  
25.Mar.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Market participation of renewable energies should not be for its own sake – EU-wide
:: Grid expansion for strong solar power growth: technically feasible, costs manageable
:: Solar3D Announces Breakthrough Feature to Produce 200% of the Power of Conventional Solar Cells
:: Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era
:: Significant increase in collected end-of-life PV modules
:: Solopower sets record for flexible Cigs Solar Panel Efficiency
:: Parliament calls for low-carbon economy by 2050
:: European Parliament calls for binding 2030 renewables target
:: Obama releases progress report on American energy plan
18.Mar.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Water scarcity affects 2.7 billion, finds new detailed report
:: WWEA releases Small Wind World Report 2012
:: Environment: Act now or face costly consequences, warns OECD
:: Heliatek opens groundbreaking production facility for the manufacture of organic solar films
:: Sunteck sets World Record 20,3% Efficiency for Pluto Cell Technology
:: Better resource management needed to avert water conflict
:: Climate risks of bioenergy underestimated
11.Mar.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Is the End of Renewables Nigh as Fukushima Anniversary Nears?
:: World meets goal of boosting access to clean water but lags on better sanitation – UN
:: Japan's Strategic Energy Plan under Review after 2011 Nuclear Disaster
:: Fukushima: The Tsunami Myth
:: Why a 30% Climate Goal for the EU by 2020?
:: Life in 2050
:: Photochemical Turbo Power for Solar Cells
:: Over 11,000 protest in Berlin against the "solar phase-out"
:: EMCORE's Concentrating Photovoltaic Joint Venture in China Commences Production
4.March.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: CFC substitutes: good for the ozone layer, bad for the climate
:: Cities are failing children, UNICEF warns
:: New style turbine to harvest wind energy
:: NanoMarkets report: BIPV glass market to quadruple by 2016
:: Solar Frontier Sets New Efficiency World Record
:: Lessons from Fukushima: new Greenpeace report a warning on nuclear risks
:: Gehrlicher Solar and Masdar PV build build roof-top installation with full-size modules
:: 3TIER Releases 2011 Wind Performance Map of Europe
February 2012  
26.Feb.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Global permafrost zones in high-resolution images on Google Earth
:: Photovoltaic in germany: Ministers agree on advanced cuts to solar subsidies
:: World’s tallest solar PV-installation features MAGE SOLAR modules
:: EU funded project helps citizens compare and reduce their energy consumption via TV, PC and social networks applications
:: Do Americans support or oppose subsidies for fossil fuels?
:: 3rd World Summit for Small Wind WSSW2012 highlights key markets, technical innovations and main challenges for small wind
:: Australian innovators in solar world first
:: Chinese Tier-2 PV Module Prices Fall Below $1/W in January, But Price Cuts Slow
19.Feb.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012
:: Total global wind energy capacity raises 2011 to 239 GW
:: U.K . opens world's largest wind farm off the coast of Cumbria
:: Chu: President’s 2013 Energy Budget Makes Critical Investments in Innovation, Clean Energy, and National Security
12.Feb.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Quantifying climate impacts: new comprehensive model comparison launched
:: University of Cambridge develops hybrid PV cell with up to 44% efficiency
:: Q.Cells: Awarded as European Top Brand
:: Polyera Achieves World-Record Organic Solar Cell Performance
:: Growth in Photovoltaics brings new opportunities to the Solar Industry
:: Wind energy: over 21% of all new power capacity in 2011
:: Roland Berger analysis: Oil-exporting countries' budgets indicate oil price rise of as much as 15% in 2012
05.Feb.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: New technology doubles efficiency of black silicon solar cells
:: REC Solar Modules win Industry leading test for best Performance in 2011
:: PV CYCLE - A successful start in 2012
:: Semprius Sets World Record for Solar Module Efficiency
:: forum CSR international: On the road to a Green Economy
:: Enhanced warming over the global subtropical western boundary currents
:: Small wind firm Evance reports record year for sales
:: Arctic Ocean Freshwater Increase
:: President Obama confirms support for renewables during state of the union address
:: In Solar Cells, Tweaking the Tiniest of Parts Yields Big Jump in Efficiency
January 2012 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
29.Jan.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Statement by Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay on the recent killings of Tibetans by the P. R. China’s government
:: Uk's Eight19 commissions new Development & Manufacturing Facility for next Generation Solar
:: BP Energy Outlook 2030
:: Lease Option Increases Rooftop Solar’s Appeal, Study Says
:: Each plant produces around 1,100 gallons of clean water per hour – approximately 6,600 gallons on an average day
:: Solar photovoltaic market continues to grow in Europe and around the world
:: DESERTEC Foundation: Tunisian sun will light European homes by 2016
:: Solar ink takes world off standby
:: New Munich Re cover insures PV module operators against manufacturer’s insolvency risk
22.Jan.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: World Future Council: Power to the People
:: Decoupling
:: Cargo boat and US navy ship powered by algal oil in marine fuel trials
:: At Abu Dhabi forum, Ban calls for ensuring clean energy future for all
:: Clean-Energy Investment Rises to $260B
15.Jan.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Study shows health, food security benefits from climate change actions
:: Damaging Earthquakes Database 2011 The Year in Review
:: Garments treated with antibacterial substances a threat to health and the environment
:: Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale
:: Saudi Arabia: New financial centre going for solar “Made in Germany” with Conergy
:: NREL unveils U.S. renewable energy atlas
:: Dubai readies for 1,000MW Solar Park; first 10MW phase expected by 2013
:: To some, it sounds impossible
:: ZeroPoint Clean Tech Powers European Grid, Produces Carbon-Negative Heat and Power
08.Jan.2012 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: The End of the China Cycle
:: European Markets Hot for Solar Despite Financial Crisis
:: PUBLIC EYE 2012
:: German top technology meets Chinese cost advantages – LDK Solar is taking a stake in Sunways



:: Zeitgeist 2011: How the World Searched
:: PV in 2012: The year of truth
:: Durable even in salty conditions ...
:: Notre Dame researchers develop paint-on solar cells
:: Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations
:: Report "The Hunger-Makers"
:: Society: Governments must tackle record gap between rich and poor, says OECD
December 2011  
25.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Twenty new Windfarms in UK
:: Plastic Soup is everywhere...
:: 21% efficiency rate achieved on 156 mm wafer using Roth & Rau`s new high-efficiency technology
:: Energy Globe World Award 2011 for borehole system
:: Rare-earth shortage to hamper clean energy: EU study
:: 2011 German Future Prize awarded to three Dresden scientists
18.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Database on the risks of genetically engineered crop plants
:: New cell combines latest research successes
:: ITS modules excellently suited to coastal and agricultural use
:: Concentrator technology nominated for German Future Prize
11.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Tackling hunger and climate change: from farm to fork
:: Heliatek achieves new world record for organic solar cells with certified 9.8 % cell efficiency
:: MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company to Acquire 550-Megawatt (AC) Topaz Solar Farm from First Solar
:: The world is turning its back on nuclear power
:: Intersolar India continues on the path of success and doubles Exhibition Space for 2011
:: 2011 Right Livelihood Awards to be presented
:: Modest Rise in Number Saying There Is 'Solid Evidence' of Global Warming
:: German Climate Finance
04.Dec.2011 :: ENGLISH NEWS ::
:: Hollywood legend Michael Douglas speaks out in support of the Treaty that bans all nuclear explosions, forever
:: Renewable energy country attractiveness indices
:: Storing Solar Energy Pays Thanks to the SOLON SOLiberty Energy Storage System
:: Durban dynamics: navigating for progress on climate change
:: Pakistan and Guatemala mostly hit by weather extremes in 2010
:: Action now could double forests saved
October 2011  
September 2011  
August 2011  
03.April.2011 I support clean Energy  
January 2011 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage
December 2010 Newsletter Franz Alt Sunpage

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